Formed in 1982 by a group of friends keen to play sport in the Summer as well as Winter, the Club was originally named Lord Wolsey CC, after the pub in which the aforementioned friends held the inaugural AGM. However, the Lord Wolsey's landlord, who had sponsored the club up to that point, soon moved to The Plough on Tentelow Lane, Southall. The fledgling Club went with him and The Plough quickly became the club's base. Post-match refreshments and teas were supplied by the pub and it seemed only fitting that a name change, to the one we are so proud of today, was arranged. Initially, the club took part in just a handful of friendlies each season but as the membership grew so did the fixture list. Warren Farm Sports Ground became Ploughmans CC's home ground and remained that way until early on in the new millennium.

Friendly cricket was the bedrock on which the Club was built but it was becoming very apparent, as age, injuries and life in general started to take hold of the more senior members, that an injection of fresh blood was required or the club the original members had worked so hard to cultivate would simply fold. Ploughmans folklore dictates that three hardy souls, dubbed the 'Highgate Rebels' left a large reputable cricket club with far better facilities for one in which they could actually enjoy their cricket and they, alongside the already-in-situ 'Harrow Mafia', were the main catalysts behind the move. Over the next few years Ploughmans CC went on a massive recruitment drive, aimed at younger cricketers but never compromising the fun-at-all-costs ethos. A hotchpotch group of strapping young men with more than a modicum of cricketing ability started to fill the ranks but also bought into the excellent all-for-one spirit within the Club - 'The Ploughmans Ethos'.

The Club flourished both on and off the field and it was perhaps inevitable that Ploughmans took the next step in its natural progression, entering Division 6 of the Middlesex Championship in 2003 - which it promptly won! Until 2018, it was PCC's only piece of silverware, although we did reach the Middlesex Championship Cup Final in 2008, narrowly losing out on that day. Ploughmans continued to develop, regardless. However, the facilities at Warren Farm regrettably fell foul of some terrible mismanagement by Ealing Council and Ploughmans found a home for a season at Broadfields FC in Harrow. That tenure was short-lived (probably not a bad thing given the state of the wicket) and whilst desperately looking to relocate again we chanced upon the unused table in Gunnersbury Park. Hounslow Council did their best to bring the wicket and outfield up to scratch and, despite the less than salubrious changing rooms and virtually derelict pavilion, Ploughmans spent seven happy years in the park. On its day, it was a lovely place to play cricket. We even managed a couple of seasons putting out a 2nd XI in the League.

All good things generally come to an end though and, sadly, Gunnersbury went pretty much the same way as Warren Farm had and, again, PCC was looking for a new home. Coincidentally we were also looking for a new league. Having grown tired of the format offered by The Middlesex Championship, we applied for membership to the Surrey Cricket League and, to our delight, were accepted at our first attempt. The location of the new league's participants and a vast majority of our membership living south of the river somewhat forced our hand but after a brief hunt we found a new home. One we are proud to call our home at the moment and hopefully will do for a very long time to come. The Dulwich Sports Ground has proved to be a real success and, as we look to nurture our relationship with the Trust which runs the facility and work with the excellent Surrey Cricket League, we hope to continue to develop apace. Particularly as we now find ourselves at that awkward junction where age, injuries, waistlines and life are taking over for those young bucks previously mentioned. A choice few younger players have recently joined the Club's committee and, under the guidance of experienced members and the watchful eye of those senior members still with us, the hope is that Ploughmans CC will continue to flourish for many more years to come.

Indeed, 2018 proved particularly fruitful, as we won our second piece of silverware - the SCL Division 2 Title. Fifteen years after our first title back in 2003 but equally special. Promotion to Division 1 followed in 2019, where we promptly won the title at our first attempt. With the 2020 league season aborted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2021 we secured the SCL Premier Division title, making history as the first club in the league's history to win back-to-back-to-back premierships. This success and the incredible growth in our membership base over the past few years has also allowed us to enter a Saturday 2nd XI in SCL Division 2 from the 2022 season onwards . The club is excited to continue our run of success across both league teams while always retaining the same club ethos and equal focus on friendly cricket.

Roll Of Honour

YearClub CaptainBest BatsmanBest BowlerBest FielderPlayers' PlayerClubmanMost Improved PlayerElected Hon Vice PresidentsElected Hon Life Members
2021Simon CarsonDuray PretoriusAdeel RiazLogan CassinMatt HicksonLiam GrayTrent Catanzariti
2020Simon CarsonMax GumpertTom ParrishMax GumpertMax GumpertLiam GrayNiraj Tailor
2019Simon CarsonStu CampbellSteve TsonasStu Campbell / Matt SpencerStu CampbellLiam GrayGareth Shaw
2018Simon CarsonChris OvensMatt BolshawAdam BarracloughMatt BolshawJames TisatoChris Ovens / Nigel Stephenson
2017Simon CarsonJames TisatoMatt BolshawAdam BarracloughMatt BolshawDuray PretoriusKevin ChauMatt Ridgway
2016Simon CarsonFreddie MillsTom LonnenAdam BarracloughTom LonnenSimon CarsonNigel Stephenson
2015Steve BrittoPaul HynesTom LonnenTom James/ Duray PretoriusPaul HynesNick RidgwayGrant Wolledge/ Duray Pretorius
2014Nick DowellNick DowellTom LonnenFreddie MillsNick DowellTom Lockhart/ Julian BellJulian BellNick Dowell
2013Nick RidgwayMatt RidgwayMatt RidgwayMark CallahanMatt Ridgway/
Ashish Paul
Tom Lonnen/
James Jackson/
Nick Ridgway
Rich Buckley
2012Nick RidgwaySteve BrittoFreddie MillsAndrew BoydNick DowellRobert CoxTom Lockhart
2011Nick RidgwayBen HynesBen HynesRich BuckleyBen HynesHeather WilkinsonSteve Hamer/
Andy Boyd
2010Matt RidgwayTom LonnenMatt RidgwayAndrew Boyd / Rich Buckley / Rory RichardsonLeon ParksRobert CoxLeon ParksSimon Wilkinson
2009Matt RidgwayTom LonnenTom LonnenAndrew BoydTom LonnenMatt RidgwayRich Buckley
2008Matt RidgwayReece GladstoneMatt AshtonRory McHargReece GladstoneMatt RidgwayAnthony Campbell
2007Tom LonnenSteve BrittoSimon GillmanNick RidgwaySteve BrittoDawn HollandWill BarrasIan Berry
2006Tom LonnenMatt RidgwaySimon GillmanNick RidgwaySimon GillmanPatrick GledhillKevin McEvoy
2005Tom LonnenDyll DaviesSimon GillmanNick RidgwayTom LonnenChris FeeneySpencer Follows
2004Tom LonnenWill SkidelskyMatt RidgwayNick RidgwaySwaps AnaokarDyll DaviesTim PringH Wilden /
G Bucknor
2003Tom LonnenNauman RashidTom LonnenS RamzanTom LonnenChris FeeneyNick Ridgway
2002Dyll DaviesGreg SmithJason WithersSteve HouchinMatt RidgwayTom LonnenE Bird/
S Ramzan
J MeadeC Pivilachi/
H Williams
2001Dyll DaviesGreg SmithRobert CoxSimon WilkinsonGreg SmithDyll DaviesS Ramzan
2000Dyll DaviesN RashidPaul PetersN RashidD Davies S RamzanS Wilkinson
1999Dyll DaviesN RashidPaul PetersPaul PetersD DaviesS Houchin
1998Dyll DaviesIan BerryH WilldenR CoxS WilkinsonP Peters
1997Ian BerryDyll DaviesS GillmanN KhanI Berry & S WilkinsonA Kumar
1996Ian BerryDyll DaviesHarry WildenL PatelIan Berry & N KhanS Houchin
1995Ian BerryDyll DaviesS WilkinsonN KhanG BucknerR Crouch
1994Ian BerryDyll DaviesB ReynoldsD DaviesS WilkinsonCon Pivilachi
1993Ian BerryNasser KhanP CarpenterIan BerryR Cox/
Ian Berry
1992Ian Berry & G BucknerR BucknerS WIlkinson
1991Ian BerryN Khan
1990Ian BerryK Philogene
1989Mick KeayIan BerryHarry WildenIan Berry